Counterfeits & scam websites


Missoma's growth in recent years has led to the business becoming a target for scam websites. Unfortunately, stories of our community being deceived by these fake sites and innocently ordering counterfeit pieces have become all too frequent.

We want to reassure you that our legal teams across the globe are working with our online partners, including Google and PayPal, to help us stop the illegal counterfeiters and to have these sites taken down.

We also want to share with you how you can protect yourself from this illegal activity.

What is

It is a scam site, and with many others like it, it is posing as Missoma and largely drawing unsuspecting consumers in with promises of large discounts.

Please be aware that many of these sites do not hold stock of any kind and you will receive nothing for your money.

The payment checkouts on these sites are often not secure, therefore, putting your identity and credit card details at risk.

These are sophisticated outfits, who invest in advertising on Google and other reputable sites using unauthorised Missoma images and product names - this does not make them in any way affiliated with Missoma, nor do they hold stock of genuine Missoma product.

Here is a list of the scam / fake websites that we are aware of to date:


We would like to thank all our customers who have continued to make us aware of these fake sites. If you are concerned about a website selling counterfeits or advertising large sales of our best sellers, please do let us know. And as always, if the products or discounts on these sites seem to be too good to be true, they most certainly are.


Counterfeits have long been an issue for Missoma. Counterfeiters will purchase our pieces and illegally re-cast and re-sell our designs to other online stores. These counterfeit brands also use Missoma imagery to appear genuine.

Missoma is renowned for being a creative design-led brand. Our pieces are designed in-house by our exceptional team of designers, led by our Founder and Creative Director, Marisa Hordern.

Our unique pieces take months and sometimes years to perfect. We obsess over every detail and use only the very best gold vermeil. When you invest in Missoma, you’re not only investing in a piece that will hopefully bring you or a loved one great joy, you’re also investing in our team and their hard work.

Please be careful as counterfeit products could be dangerous - the metals used in their production may be of low quality or even contaminated. Given the close proximity to skin, particularly with earrings, this can lead to potential and very serious health risks.

If you are concerned about a website selling counterfeits, please do let us know.

If you suspect that you have purchased a counterfeit piece and wish to take action, please visit Citizen's Advice where you can find advice on what action you can take.

Please note: If you're living outside of the UK and need advice, we suggest contacting your local consumer advisory board.