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Wedding Jewellery Guide: Symbolism, Styles & Sentimental Value

Wedding Jewellery Guide:
Symbolism, Styles & Sentimental Value

Explore the significance of wedding jewellery beyond adornment. Discover the symbolism behind rings, elegance of bridal accessories, and sentimental value of heirlooms.

Wedding jewellery is a subtle but significant part of any ceremony. From the exchanging of rings, heirloom jewellery, and the bridal pictures, the day's jewellery will be reflected on for years to come. Picking wedding jewellery that reflects the theme of the wedding – that's also re-wearable for years to come, and can be passed down – can be daunting. The guide below helps provide tips on things to look for while picking out your jewellery.


The Significance of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are more than just a ring to be worn for the rest of your life; they are tangible symbols of love. The exchanging of rings is a cherished tradition within the ceremony that marks the beginning of a lifelong journey together. Wedding bands can be made from precious metals like solid gold or solid white gold – representing the un-ending circle of love, worn on the finger believed to connect directly to the heart.

Ultimately, wedding rings are personal to you. The different stones can be representative of love, personality, and more. Picking based on your engagement ring, as well as your occupation (it needs to be everyday wearable) and other heirloom jewellery you wear can be a great way to start.


Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets for the Bride

For the bride, wedding jewellery extends beyond the rings. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can be just as an important addition to the gown as the hair and makeup. Regardless of if its delicate pearls or shimmering diamonds, the wedding jewellery is a huge part of the day and completes the bride's look.

The key to a perfect wedding stack is reflecting the bride's personality as much as it reflects the theme of the wedding. Curating a stack that is both on theme and wearable after the wedding is essential to get the most out of your jewellery. These pieces can then be worn every day, brought out for special occasions, or passed down for generations to come.

Picking the jewellery is entirely dependent on the dress. The best necklace for the dress will depend on the neckline – a deeper v is the perfect opportunity for a delicately layered stack, compared to an elegant boat neck, that might be better paired with a single chain or choker.

Bridal hair can also be a contributing factor to the earring selection – a sleek up-do could be the perfect opportunity to show off some gorgeous hoops, whereas a more boho bridal look might compliment studs. If you’re having a hair trial ahead of the big day, it could be a great opportunity to pick your final ear stack to match.

The sleeves of the dress are a great starting point to consider when selecting your bridal bracelets. A longer sleeve might result in a more minimalist approach to bracelets, whereas a sleeveless gown or shorter sleeves might lend themselves to a stack.


Styling Groom’s Accessories

While the bride's jewellery often takes the spotlight, the groom's accessories also play a significant role. These subtle pieces may be small, but they can hold sentimental value and pay tribute to the bride, family, or self. A well-chosen piece can be a subtle nod to personal style, reflecting a love for vintage craftsmanship or a modern edge, while still upholding the theme of the wedding, be it black tie or casual affair.

For the groom, adding a personal touch to your outfit can be achieved with timeless pieces such as signet rings, cufflinks, and bracelets. These are great for a subtle touch to elevate and complete the look and can be worn again and again after the big day. And for grooms seeking a touch of tradition, having a pair of cufflinks engraved with initials or wedding dates offer a timeless way to personalise your outfit.


Choosing Timeless Heirlooms

Wedding jewellery isn’t just for the day; it can be saved, cherished, and passed on for generations to come. When picking your wedding jewellery, pick pieces you love, that you’ll wear again, and have a timeless feel, rather than catering to a trend.

Creating a wedding stack that holds sentimental value by incorporating existing pieces in or picking your jewellery with loved ones, whether that’s your significant other, bridesmaids, family, can help create memories for the jewellery before the day itself.

For a personal element to your wedding jewellery, picking gemstones based on zodiac (yours or your partner's), or for your something blue can add a beautiful element of colour to your bridal look.