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Your Guide to Jewellery for Sensitive Ears

Your Guide to Jewellery for Sensitive Ears:

Itchy, red lobes getting in the way of your stacking game? You might have earring sensitivity. Caused by either allergies or irritations, this can leave you wondering: What metals can I wear? Are clip-ons the only option? Why are my ears sensitive to some earrings but not others?


What is the best metal for sensitive ears?

The culprit behind your discomfort is likely a nickel allergy, a common reaction to certain metals used in jewellery. But there's a whole world of hypoallergenic jewellery waiting to be discovered.

For a touch of luxury, look no further than solid gold. But remember, carat (ct) is key, higher carat gold signifies a higher percentage of pure gold, minimising the risk of an allergic reaction. Opt for 14ct solid gold or above for comfortable wear. However, some people are sensitive to the trace metals mixed with silver, so a patch test might be wise if you're looking into white gold. 


Beyond the metal itself, here are some additional tips for comfortable earring wear:

  • Start slow: If you're newly introducing earrings after a hiatus, ease your ears back in with shorter wear times and titanium.

  • Cleanliness is key: Regularly clean your earrings with a saline solution and warm water. This removes any irritants that might build up.

  • Beware of fakes: Always buy from reputable jewellers to ensure you're getting genuine hypoallergenic metals.


What earrings won't irritate my ears?

The type of earring you’re wearing won’t impact your ears being irritated, but picking a more delicate style with solid or closed back will limit the contact the metal has with your skin. However, there are certain styles or things to consider that could be helpful while easing your ears into wearing earrings again if you’ve had previous irritation or not worn them for a while.

If you have a metal allergy, look for jewellery that is labelled ‘hypoallergenic’ while shopping, or look for jewellery made of solid yellow gold or solid white gold. Here are some design elements to consider for sensitive ears:

  • Stud Earrings: Simple and classic, stud earrings minimize the risk of snagging or pulling on your earlobes, which can lead to irritation.

  • Lightweight Earrings: Heavy earrings can put a strain on your piercings, so opting for lightweight materials like titanium or plastic is ideal.

  • Earring Backs: If your ears are sensitive, it might help to ditch those butterfly backs as they could be digging into your ears and causing discomfort. Switching to a seamless hoop is a great way of adding in a everyday, wearable hoop while limiting the skin contact of the earring, with easy to use hinge closures.


 How do you fix earrings that you are allergic to?

Unfortunately, there is no way to ‘fix’ earrings you are allergic too. Instead, look for similar styles and designs in solid gold.